Doug MacKenzie

Doug was a Managing Partner and co-founder of the ClearLake Group.  Doug has extensive consulting experience in organization design, marketing and business strategy.  He has served a wide range of industries including energy, technology, medical devices, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and financial services.  At one time, he was a Senior Partner in Monitor Group’s San Francisco office where he co-headed the West Coast Advisory business. Prior to joining Monitor, he was a Senior Vice President at American Express Company where he served as the head of Worldwide Human Resource Development and led staffing, recruiting, leadership/management development, diversity, and training for the organization on a global basis.  Additionally, he served as the company’s Chief Quality Officer and led a global team of lead quality professionals in each of the Company’s business units.

Doug earned his MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business, and a Bachelor in Environmental Studies from Colorado College. Doug is particularly interested in the interplay between corporate/business unit/organization strategy and how that translates into design choices in organization configuration.

When he is not working with senior executives and organizations on their challenges, he spends time pursuing his own athletic challenges: long distance running and biking , open-ocean sailing, and spending time in the wilderness at his self-built cabin in rural coastal Alaska.