Jim Butcher

Jim Butcher bio shotJim has spent most of his global career on business strategy and organizational change, with major focus in scenario planning, sustainability and helping organizations innovate and adapt to the future. He has worked with over 50 of the Fortune 100 firms, across most industry sectors, including working in 60-70 countries globally. He helps clients not only better understand the future, but customizes his consulting to help embed strategic insights into actionable steps and organizational culture to help create lasting impact.

He has a breadth of corporate and consulting experience. Most recently, he was a Managing Director in Morgan Stanley, where he held two roles. First, he led strategy engagement efforts within Morgan Stanley for business units and with clients, where he more deeply understood the power of an organizational culture. Second, he created and led their global Office of the Environment, which focused on tying sustainability and business strategy into a new powerful synergy and sustainability approach. Within government, he led a two year effort in the Clinton Administration to create the first, sustainable National Energy Plan. Prior, he helped to start the Global Business Network (GBN), the world’s leading scenario planning consultancy, where he developed innovative scenario planning and organizational change approaches. With over twenty years of consulting, he has deep experience in business strategy, innovation and organizational change across most sectors, including energy, financial services, logistics, chemicals, high tech, and consumer products.

Jim holds a M.A. and B.A. in Economics and Politics from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and a B. S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He enjoys trying to solve complex problems across disciplines in helping organizations and leaders to more effectively navigate and adapt to a more interconnected global world.

Growing up in the Rocky Mountains, he enjoys getting out in nature and various outdoor pursuits, including backpacking and river paddling. And, when inspired, he loves to attempt new culinary adventures!

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