Winifred Loh

Winifred LohWinifred has worn many hats as a corporate executive, consultant and civil society leader. She is an experienced Human Resource and Organizational Development Executive and is a sought-after consultant and coach. She has also been a social advocate for  the well-being of women’s lives in Asia. Whether as an executive, consultant, coach or global citizen, Winifred is committed to the values of her Asian upbringing and culture – the dignity and potential of human beings.

Winifred was Human Resource Director of two multinational corporations, Covance Asia and Singapore Telecommunication (SingTel), where she used her expertise in organizational systems and cross-cultural communications to help leaders manage change and transition. In these roles, she led marquee talent development programs. Previously, she worked at Intel and Apple .

Articulate, passionate and pragmatic, Winifred thrives in fast-paced, results-oriented environments. As a consultant, she is most effective when partnering with executives, and is drawn to the retail, civil service, high technology, telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors.

Winifred earned a BA in English Literature, Sociology and Philosophy at the National University of Singapore, and an MA in Education and Human Development at George Washington University. She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), trained at the Newfield Coach Training Program and staffs the coaching team at the Center for Creative Leadership (Singapore), She is certified in a broad array of leadership assessment inventories.

Since 2001, Winifred has been a member of AWARE, Singapore’s leading gender-equality advocacy group, serving three terms on the Executive Committee and now elected its President. On the global front, she has served as a mentor and seminar leader for UNITAR, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. She and her husband reside in Singapore, and have chosen a car-less lifestyle.