George Barnett

George is Managing Partner and co-founder of the ClearLake Group. An engineer, diplomat, strategy consultant, and angel investor, George has nearly 20 years’ of global work experience. He believes that strategy needs to be understood in the complete context of human behaviour and, as such, he researches and is an expert on the role of strategy across disciplines.

Born in Canada and trained as an engineering geophysicist, George served as a diplomat in the Canadian foreign service, and, in that capacity, applied strategic thinking to a range of critical situations. Later, as a junior partner at Monitor Group, George addressed challenges that were complex and highly integrated in nature. Examples include work with telecommunication companies adapting to changing technologies and work with specialty chemical companies expanding their technologies to new markets. He eventually anchored his work in Monitor’s venture capital practice.

Now based in Silicon Valley, he is particularly interested in the impact of technology on organisations via new modes of communication, uses of digital information and other informal behaviours. Through his Gabthinking investment company, George is an active investor in online media and biotech startups, providing hands-on mentoring to entrepreneurs.
George completed his undergraduate engineering studies at the University of Toronto’s engineering science program, adding an MBA at the Yale School of Management. George is a licensed engineer in the province of Ontario and is a longstanding member of the American Geophysical Union.

George has been shaped by his life experiences as a diplomat, strategist and parent. An avid follower of Japanese culture, he enjoys staying at traditional ryokans and using their hot spring onsens.