Know Your Capabilities


“A welcome, and much needed, contribution to the practice of corporate strategy.”
– Bernie Jaworski,
the Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management and Liberal Arts, Claremont Graduate University

Know Your Capabilities tackles the tough question: “How can I create a truly great strategy?” In a no-holds-barred exposé of his original research and client work, George Barnett, co-founder of the ClearLake Group, lays the blame for the high failure rate of corporate strategies squarely on the all-too-common tendency to create a stategy devoid of understanding the capabilities of the firm.

Everyone says that capabilities are important, but hardly anyone does anything about it. Like so much else in business, they believe they can just simply throw money at the problem by buying missing capabilities.

Know Your Capabilities explains why this is a fatal flaw in business strategy, and describes how you can correct for this flaw by using this book as your guide to creating truly great strategy.

The first in a series of leading edge books on corporate strategy, Know Your Capabilities includes bonus materials, a Do-It-Yourself toolkit for practising strategists.

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