Organization Client Work

Sunrise 2Culture
The senior research executive in a global biotech wanted her multi-disciplinary, multinational team to provide more effective leadership across cultural and geographical boundaries following a merger.  A ClearLake partner interviewed all the team members to surface the culture and leadership style they envisioned for the future organization. We worked with the client to shape the co-created vision and then led a workshop that involved the extended leadership team in creating mutual expectations and a shared path forward.

Senior executives of a global investment bank wanted to break down silos to improve customer service and retain high potential talent.  A ClearLake partner worked with the bank to design a year-long, experiential and business-rich program for an initial population of 1,500 high-performers.  The program was featured senior executives and important clients, and immersed the participants in business experiences outside their day-to-day responsibilities.  This award-winning program served as a launch pad and accelerator for new bank initiatives.  It was credited with significantly improving communication and deal-making across organizational silos, and improving talent retention.

Team Performance
A US engineering giant opened an Asian HQ in Singapore to manage sales, services and manufacturing in Asia-Pac. Then they repositioned the group as one of four operational pillars of the global company. The Asia-PAC CEO wanted an experience for his multinational, fully matrixed team to help them step up to the challenge. They needed to build vision, agree on norms and leadership style, and build greater interpersonal trust and communication. Over a year, two ClearLake Partners designed and facilitated several days of leadership and team building programs for this group of 12, using a mix of experiential exercises, presentation and small group discussions.

Executive Coaching
ClearLake has provided coaching for a wide variey of global executives and executive teams. Several members of the ClearLake team are certified coaches who regularly work with senior executives and high potential talent in the context of leadership programs and university degree programs. In addition, we have trained C-suite teams in coaching and developing talent. We have also trained leadership and high potential teams on effective peer coaching.

A major multinational corporation was rolling out an employee engagement initiative across its business units, and the head of a business in Asia was concerned about the ability of his middle managers to lead efforts locally. ClearLake worked with the GM and his senior team on framing the culture change within the region. We then helped them build capability in the diverse group of 50 middle managers, using peer coaching, role modeling and experiential learning.