Strategy Client Work

A pan-European insurance business wanted to drive growth by expanding into previously unexplored markets and countries.  In addition to a rigorous assessment of the current business, several ClearLake partners worked with the CEO and his leadership team to generate scenarios about the future of European insurance markets and explore the opportunities presented by each.  This high-involvement scenario work helped the CEO make smarter, better-informed strategy choices, as well as keeps his team fully engaged in the strategy process.

A new entrant in the telecommunications industry had just raised its latest round of venture capital in Silicon Valley.  The senior management team believed their innovation in bridging wireless networking with enterprise telephony offered companies greater mobility for their workforces.  Working directly with the CEO, a board member and the CTO, a ClearLake partner designed and led a global road show with potential customers.  The quick and immediate feedback led to a complete overhaul of the start-up’s strategy, including shifting the initial product launch from the United States to Japan and South Korea.

A multinational life sciences firm was evolving its corporate strategy to include the changing role of reimbursement agencies both public and private.  Senior management recognised the parallel need to evolve internal capabilities and structures to align with the strategy.  A ClearLake partner worked with a team of executives and technical experts to identify the required future state and to create a program to address gaps with the status quo.

A leading supplier to the integrated circuit industry was gearing up for the next generation of chip technology.   Early designs were highly innovative and met all criteria except cost of manufacturing.  Senior management was frustrated when their initial attempts to reduce the cost met internal resistance from engineering and Nobel Prize-winning scientists.  A ClearLake partner worked with a cross-functional team of external experts to guide the design team through a structured approach to target cost engineering.  The diversity of the client team, in terms of capabilities, working cultures, and geography, demanded a solution that drew upon a wide range of internal and external resources.  The combined team reached their cost and timeline goals, to the delight of their customers and senior management.

A mid-sized global player in maritime logistics faced challenges in maintaining the rapid growth of its past decade.  Although the CEO and the senior executive had generated and discussed a wide range of options for accelerating growth, they struggled with reaching a final decision on the path forward.  Using a combination of virtual and in-person resources, a ClearLake partner worked one-on-one with the executives to evaluate the strategic option against the company’s capabilities, to explore remaining innovations reflecting trends in Silicon Valley, and, in plenary, to facilitate strategic choices for the near-to-mid term.